Menopause & Hair Loss Workshop

Education That Saves Strands

March 23, 2024

2:00 PM


Fairfield Inn & Suites

3570 Breckinridge Blvd, Duluth, GA 30096

Workshop Cost: $50 and includes

  • Presentation

  • Menopause Clinical Assessment

  • Microscope Assessment

  • Healthy Light Refreshments

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Help Your Hair & Scalp Embrace The Change

Join Certified Trichologist Gloria Fort, and her team of Trichologists, for an in-person workshop on how to save your strands and improve your scalp health during menopause.

At this workshop, you will gain an understanding of how menopause impacts hair loss in African American women.

You will also receive:



A certified trichologist will guide you through the hair growth cycle during menopause, addressing specific concerns for African American hair textures and patterns.

Personalized Understanding

Get a deeper understanding of your own scalp health with one-on-one scalp scans using advanced technology.



Discover tailored strategies to nurture healthy hair growth, combat thinning, and embrace your crowning glory during this life stage.



Connect with other African American women on a similar journey, sharing experiences and building a network of mutual understanding.

Workshop Cost:

In Person: $50 in advance



Menopause Clinical Assessment

Microscope Assessment

Light Refreshments

Workshop Facilitator

Gloria Fort

Certified Trichologist &

Founder, Hair N' Motion Next Level Trichology

Gloria Fort, also a Master Cosmetologist, teaches the protocol behind the Science of Trichology to Cosmetologists and clients. She will teach you how to actively pursue trichocare, so you will reap the benefits of great scalp care and an amazing hair (re)growth cycle!

Tricho Care Team

Joining Gloria at this workshop will be 3 Certified Trichologists from Georgia and South Carolina.

 FaTisha McGarnett Certified Trichologist - Deliverance Salon and Trichology

FaTisha McGarnett

Certified Trichologist

Deliverance Salon & Trichology

Winder, GA

Kristen Jenkins

Certified Trichologist

Trichology Wellness Spa

Greenville, SC

Workshop & Menopause Hair Loss FAQs

Does Mrs. Gloria take appointments?

Precious, Mrs. Gloria retired in December 2023 after a successful 30-year career as a Master Cosmetologist and Certified Trichologist. In addition to servicing clients before her retirement, Mrs. Gloria mentored several Trichologists throughout the Southeast. A few of them will be at the workshop conducting scalp scans and assessments for workshop attendees.

Is this workshop specifically for African American women?

We will address unique hair loss challenges faced by African American women during menopause due to hair texture, styling practices, and historical factors. We will also address the science of trichology protocols, scalp and hair health, hair growth cycles, and conditions many women face when experiencing perimenopause or menopausal hair loss.

What will the scalp scan and assessments involve?

During the workshop, you'll receive a personalized scalp scan by a Certified Trichologist. This will help the trichologist assess your scalp health, hair follicles, and potential contributing factors to your hair loss.

Will I get specific recommendations for my hair?

Yes, based on your scalp scan and individual hair concerns, the trichologist will offer personalized tricho care recommendations on hair care routines, products, and styling practices that support healthy hair growth during menopause.

Do I need to bring anything to the workshop?


I'm not sure if my hair loss is related to menopause. Can I still attend?

Absolutely! This workshop is valuable for any woman experiencing hair loss, regardless of the suspected cause. You'll gain valuable insights into scalp and hair health and receive helpful information applicable to diverse hair loss situations.

Is there a support group element to the workshop? 

While the workshop focuses on education and individual consultations, there will be opportunities for connecting with other attendees through networking breaks or informal discussions.

How much does the workshop cost?

The workshop is $50 and advance registration and payment IS REQUIRED via Zelle or CashApp. We have a limited number of spots so be sure to register as soon as possible. If you have registered and paid but have a schedule conflict, kindly update your registration status so another person can benefit from the information and scalp scan and assessments. Thank you precious!

I can't make the in-person workshop. Do you offer recordings or online options? 

This workshop is in person only at this time. We hope to offer an online webinar in the future.

Who should I contact if I have further questions?

Please feel free to email us at We're happy to answer any questions you may have.

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